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Commercial Debt Collections

Commercial collections include debt owed by one business to another, often including unpaid debts owed from one company to another, bounced checks, insurance premiums, and leases. Bloom & Associates specializes in all areas of collections throughout Maryland and Washington, DC, including Commercial Collections. Our highly trained staff and technology can maximize recoveries for your business.

Bloom & Associates, P.A. Accounts Receivable Collection Process

When you send your commercial account to us, we review the facts of the case and determine whether there is sufficient documentation to proceed with the collection process. Once this step is complete, we send out a demand letter to the debtor and attempt to contact them by telephone, if appropriate.

If a debtor does not respond to the demand letter and/or phone call(s), Bloom & Associates, P.A. may recommend filing suit. Once we obtain a judgment, we perform asset searches to find the debtor’s place of employment, bank accounts, and property owned by the debtor. We use the following methods to collect on accounts:

  • wage garnishments
  • bank account attachments
  • real property liens
  • payment portal offering 24/7 payment options
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